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Someone to weekly peruse & report on Craig's List website for Springer ads.

We need someone to brainstorm and follow thru on ideas for rescue fund-raising, such as merchandise to sell, raffle donations, on-line auctions, etc.  
Rescue needs volunteers with talent to produce products for sale, or outgoing individuals to solicit donations for raffles, organize garage sales, etc.  
Rescue ALWAYS needs volunteers to foster dogs in danger (of being put to sleep) anywhere in the SF Bay Area.  Rescue pays for necessary vet care & provides dry dog food.  

To fulfill any above Wish or for more info, contact Diane (510) 482-3199 or 
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Cousteau -- Dublin, CA
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Jan Fennell, the "Dog Listener" from England
Her books & DVD are highly recommended!
Solve jumping up etc without force with method based on natural pack behavior
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Typically, Springers under 5 years old are not posted on this webpage.
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RUSTY -- Santa Cruz, CA
4-5 year-old liver/white housebroken neutered male.  Loving, high energy and happy.  Good health.  Likes to chase birds.  Lives with children (3 & 18yo).  Good with dogs.  Cats:  No exposure.  Crate-trained.  Owner says:  "Rusty is a sweet kind dog. Our lifestyle has changed and we cannot provide him with the life he deserves."  


Perform customized search at and for Springers and Springer mixes available thru a variety of rescues and shelters.  

TIP: With Petfinder, widen search parameter to other "similar" breeds as many purebreds are incorrectly ID'ed at shelters. We've even seen some listed as "Cockers," "Border Collies" or "Welch Springer Spaniels." If you register with their site, they allow you to save your searches for each time you visit.

With Petharbor, in creating the search, check the option for "show similar breeds." They also allow you to "register" your breed interest to have emails sent when new dogs come in.  


A tip for puppy buyers:  There is now a brand new DNA blood test for PRA. Buy ONLY from trusted breeders who run this test on both sire & dam & share the results with you. This is additional to certification from OFA and CERF. Anyone can reference these tests (OFA & CERF) with even a partial registered dog's name. Rescue can provide names of reputable breeders who follow ethical guidelines; email Diane at goldengaterescue(at) You can also contact ESSFTA for their list of breeders' names.  
Please note: We do not recommend the newspaper, internet etc. It is best to get a referral to a reputable breeder. Yes, it does cost more but what you are paying for is peace of mind and lifetime help. All pre-testing will have been done & you will find a healthier pet this way. That breeder will stand behind that puppy for life, and should take back the dog at any point in its life, if needed, no excuses.  



PEPPER, Oakland, 5-6yo BW HB small MN (~40#) sweet, mischievious to home in Corte Madera.
Shelby, Oakland, 2yo BW tri FN, to live w/Mary in El Cerrito.
Bailey, Oakland, 5yo BW FN, to live w/Doug & Amy in Las Vegas.
Molly -- Oakland, 6yo L/W HB FN w/long tail to Chico family. UPDATE: "We love her. She is so sweet, loving and well behaved. Molly follows instructions well and is eager to please. Molly and I start Agility and obedience classes. Again, we thank you." 
DIAMOND -- Gridley, 4yo B/W MN, about 50 lbs via Sutter Buttes Canine Rescue 
EMMA, Novato, 6yo LW spotted HB FN with long tail to San Mateo family.
ROONEY, Reno NV, 4yo LW HB MN w/long tail to McKinleyville home. Short Rooney YouTube video
SCOUT, Oakland, 2yo BW MN sweet, gentle mix w/long tail adopted to El Granda home near Half Moon Bay.  
SCOUT's YouTube video in foster care HERE.
ANDI , San Jose, 9yo LW sweet FN.
SHELBY, Santa Rosa, 10yo LW small (35 lb) HB smart FN to Petaluma home. 
KATIE, Sacramento, active senior HB FN.
MACHO, Oakland, 3yo L/W HB MN adopted to Mountain View home.
BIRD, Newcastle, Believed to be 3 years old. Liver/white neutered housebroken male.  
PEPPER -- Oakland, 2-year-old black/white neutered male.  
FRECKLES, Oakland, 2yo LW active MN to Alameda home. YOU TUBE VIDEO LINK
SOPHIE, Oakland, 8yo LW HB FS to Tiberon home.
BEN -- Novato, 5yo LW/spotted field-bred HB MN.  
CRUISER,-- Oakland, 3 VIDEOS, 8yo BW HB 65# neutered mellow male with long tail, to Redwood City family.  
SintJin -- Richmond, 7yo BW gorgeous show-type HB MN, 60 lb, to Clearlake family.  
PATCH -- Oakland, 3yo white/liver 50# MN.  
RIO, Sacramento, BW FN HB field-type Springer to Hollister home.  
LEXIE -- Oakland, 5yo sable/white HB spayed calm, quiet, gentle female to Sausalito.
BUSTER, Fremont, 10yo LW HB mellow MN.  
LEXIE, Oakland, 5yo LW HB FN to Santa Rosa family.  
MORGAN, Oakland, 1yo BW HB spayed long-tailed female.  
LENKA, Oakland, 4yo sweet, adorable LW HB female.  
OTIS, Redwood City, 3yo active housebroken neutered male Springer w/docked tail.  
LUCY, Oakland, 10-month-old black/white petite (35 lb) spayed housebroken female.  
RYDER -- Oakland, 9-month-old white/liver busy/active neutered male.  
SHELBY, Sacramento, 11yo very beautiful & loving HB LW FN. 
CHUCKIE, Oakland, Approx 3yo BW small, sweet, gentle male.  
COOPER, Oakland, 7yo active, happy BW freckled HB MN to Fresno home.
JAKE, Oakland, Approx 5yo LW HB ESS/Border Collie mix male w/long tail.  
CHARLIE, Oakland, 7yo LS\W tri HB MN, sweet, gentle. 
CAPTAIN JACK, Sacramento, 3yo LW MN field-bred.
HARLEY, Oakland, 5yo BW HB MN. See more videos on our YouTube Channel.  
ANNIE, Oakland, 5yo LW HB FN
MAGGIE, Oakland, 1-1/2-yo BW FN 
POKA , Antioch, 11yo WL HB FN, ID# A095106 in ESRA's care.
ANNIE, Las Vegas NV, 5yo BW, sweet, HB FN.  
BANDIT, Las Vegas NV, 6yo large (58 lb) BW, sweet, smart, HB MN.  
MOLLY -- Sacramento, Special Needs*, 7-year-old black/white whose owners surrendered her to a Sacramento shelter because they couldn't afford her medical care.  
DUDE #2, Oakland, 2yo very sweet but active, LW M.  
BASIL, SF, 3yo mellow LW MB MN.
RASCAL, Las Vegas NV, 10yo BW sweet, active HB male from show lines.  
DUDE, Sacramento, 4yo LW MN HB
GORBY, Oakland, 4yo LW active MN, sweet, HB.  
MEGAN, Oakland, 6yo LW HB FN to Concord home.  
MOLLY, Modesto, Young white/liver small spayed female Springer/"Jack Russell" mix, ID# A260261.
CHARLIE, San Francisco, 5-year-old liver/white mellow housebroken male. 
LeROY -- Klamath Falls, OR, Adult liver/white Springer male mix.  
ADULT MALE -- Las Vegas, NV, 10-year-old black/white neutered male, ID# A136377.  
CHARLIE, San Luis Obispo, 9-year-old liver/white neutered male, ID# 7737. 
HARRY -- Las Vegas, NV, Harry is 11 years young and a sun worshiper.
MAGGIE, Las Vegas, NV, Maggie is 11 years young.  
CHARLIE, Oakland, 10mo red/white HB MN Cocker/Springer mix.
SAMMIE -- Sacramento, 10yo FN possible non-standard "lemon"colored English Springer Spaniel.  
LUCKY -- Oakland, 4yo WL handsome field-bred sweet male.  
BABY BOY, Oakland, Liver/white short-coated Springer mix.
LUCKY, Las Vegas NV, 4yo LW MN, ID# A338237. 
WYATT EARP, Visalia, Adult LW HB MN, ID# 810506-D080189.  
ADULT FEMALE, Vallejo, 6yo LW female "Welsh Springer" but likely "English Springer," ID# A003990. 
KONA , Sacramento, 3yo LW HB MN retained by owner. 
ACE, El Dorado Hills, 9yo sweet HB male adopted by Sacramento foster home. 
YOUNG FEMALE, Sacramento, 3mo female LW "Brittany" but by picture could be Springer instead, ID# A483007.
YOUNG MALE, Salinas, 1-year-old black/white male with freckles, ID# A086386.
ADULT FEMALE, Elko NV, 4-year-old liver/white tri short-coated female, ID# C08-6710. 
SACHA, Alameda, LW freckled HB sweet, cuddly male.  
SUMMER, San Jose, 10yo BW tri HB FN
PEPPER -- Forest Knolls, 6yo WB HB FN mix.  
HENRY, Redwood City 2yo LW active, very affectionate MN to Chico home. NEW PIX!
MAGGIE, Oakland, 2yo LW FN to Orinda home
BUDDY, Sonoma, 9yo BW HB MN. ADOPTED to Novato!!!!
BUDDY, Sacramento, 6yo LW HB MN. Adopted to Santa Rosa home
ROAST, or Stavros -- Oakland, 8-month-old black/white active, playful male. 
ADULT MALE -- Sacramento. URGENT! In Danger! 9-year-old white/red neutered Springer mix male, ID# A468251.  
ADULT FEMALE, Reno NV, 12-year-old white/black Springer mix, ID# A111672.  
DANKA, Sacramento, 4yo LW HB FN. 
PacMan, Oakland, 6mo LW male to San Jose.  
SISSY -- Red Bluff, 5-year-old liver/white spayed very sweet female.  
NEGGIE -- Fremont, 2 to 3-year-old black/white sweet, busy female. 
YAZ -- Oakland, 5-year-old liver/white playful neutered male.  
ABBY -- Lafayette, 7-year-old white/liver spayed housebroken energetic female, field-bred.
FREDDIE -- Newcastle, 4-year-old white/black active loving housebroken neutered male.  
BUDDY, 5yo LW active field-bred, very sweet HB MN to SF home.
CHESTER -- Aptos, 8-year-old liver/white neutered male, adopted by foster home.
BEAR -- Sacramento, 9-year-old liver/white housebroken neutered male. Our rescue paid for cosmetic eye & neuter surgery; foster home paid for his teeth cleaning. 
ROXIE -- Santa Rosa, 8yo LW HB FN to SF home.
EMILY & LUCY -- Oakland, Two 3yo LW FNs: Lucy adopted to Brentwood home, Emily to Alameda home.
PONCHO -- Oakland, 2-year-old liver/white male to San Mateo home.
BLAZE -- Santa Rosa, 7-year-old liver/white housebroken neutered male.  
SUNNY -- Fremont, 4-year-old black/white neutered male cocker adopted by foster home
DIESEL -- Fairfield 8-year-old liver/white neutered male, ID# A108051 to other rescue's care
AUGUSTINE -- Tracy, 11yo BW Springer MIX HB MN. 
BUBBA -- Calaveras County, 11mo BW field-bred HB MNsweet ACTIVE Springer to Burlingame home.
MAXWELL -- San Martin, 4yo BW freckled, very cute MN, ID# A019795. Adopting "dad" says: "He's a real toy hound. He's settling in well with the other dogs, cats, chickens and horses. We'll see if he turns out to be a carriage dog too." Maxwell went to live in Gilroy w/3 dogs & 3 cats on 10 acres with horses!
BOSCO -- Fremont,7yo LW Springer mix.
TENNYSON -- Fremont, Adult adorable black/white housebroken energetic Springer neutered male.  
CHAUNCY -- Sacramento, 11yo LW likely HB MN. 
**SADY -- Sacramento, Extremely Urgent, In Danger, Pretty, 5-7yo field-bred LW tri FN to Sacramento foster home.**
YOUNG MALE (now Oscar) -- Alturas, 3yo BW HB MN, found stray. Adopted to San Diego home.
SAMMI was an adoption from last November (2006) but we recently got an update from his new owner w/2 great pix, He was an return-to-breeder listing and we found him on great new home in Yountville.
ADULT MALE MIX -- Reno, NV, 9yo LW MN Springer mix, ID# A083770.  
YOUNG MALE -- Reno, NV, 2-year-old liver/white neutered male, ID# A083786.
BLACK/WHITE MALE -- Martinez,10yo BW MN, ID# A48636, kennel# B02.  
WOODY -- Martinez, 1yo LW MN, ID# A485812, in kennel #E03.  
ARTHUR --2yo LW sweet MN, ID# A009933 & CLEMENTINE --2yo LW sweet FN, ID# A009934: Both adopted to same Sunnyvale home!
DEVON -- McKinleyville, Young adult WB freckled, very handsome, active MN
SADIE -- Oakland, 2yo W/L ACTIVE sweet FN, probably from field/hunting lines to Truckee home.
4 PUREBRED PUPS, Oakland, Approx 12-week-old pups adopted to SF, Menlo Park, San Mateo & Los Gatos homes.
SUMMER -- Fallon, NV, Adult liver/white female Springer or mix, ID# 7010D.  
LOLLY, Fresno, Young black/white female, ID# 48167
BLACK/WHITE MALE, aka "Bo," Jamestown, 4yo BW male to San Jose home.
YOUNG B/W MALE -- Oroville, 3yo BW male, ID# A008696 aka ID# A507251 to Oakland home.
ADULT MALE SPRINGER/LAB MIX -- Modesto, Adult WL Springer/Lab Mix male, ID# A200495. 
MICKEY -- Oakland, 6yo LW HB small (45#) MN to Sonoma family. UPDATED NOTE April 2016
MATURE L/W FEMALE -- Reno, NV, 12yo LW female, ID# A079240.
SAMMY -- San Mateo area, 7yo WB male to San Diego!
RIVER -- Sunnyvale, 7yo BW HB large (60#) MN to Pebble Beach.  
ALBY -- Sunnyvale, Small (36#) LW sweet senior male adopted to Sunnyvale foster home! Welcome Home, Alby!
SAM -- Auburn, ADOPTED?? 8yo LW MN, ID# A004128.  
JADEN, Santa Rosa, 4-5yo Springer mix FN.  
MARLEY -- Grass Valley, Young BW MN w/long tail to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho home (update)
COMMANDER -- Oakland,11-mo small-ish (40-45#) LW tri MN HB to Clayton family--11/21/06 UPDATE 
ADULT MALE, 12-year-old male in foster care. Details to follow. Details are (Warning: Sad ending) the dog was most likely brought to animal control with life-ending health conditions & dropping your dog off at the city shelter is cheaper than paying a vet to euthanize (have you priced euthanasia lately?? don't get me started about vet $$......!!). Some health conditions can be cured with a little money, but this wasn't so with this boy. We can thank God he did have a very happy last week of life surrounded by loving people who cared enough to take an unfamiliar old dog in & he didn't die alone, in the shelter.  
YOUNG FEMALE -- Fremont, CA ADOPTED, now Rosie!!! 
Young adult liver/white sweet, happy female, between 1 to 3 years old, with long undocked tail. Now in GGSR foster care. RIP Rosie December 2008. You brightened our lives with your happiness.
CORKY, 8yo gentle, loveable HB MN mix to Modesto home. SEE HIS "After" Story
COUSTEAU, Dublin,Adult purebred white/liver French Spaniel adopted to the head of French Spaniel rescue in Washington State. Read HERE about his amazing journey! THIS is a link to a pix of Cousteau on his way home: He is the fourth pix down.