Golden Gate English Springer Spaniel Association Rescue
Springer Memorial Page

Memorialize your loved Springer who has passed on...
Make a gift to a friend who has lost a beloved Springer...

click on above image to see FULL version example.

On the webpage will be the complete text of your Tribute, and your favorite picture of your pet. 
(Photographs will be returned unharmed). 
I will do any necessary editing of the scanned image to
make your pet look their best on the completed webpage. The size of the text (and photo) will be adjusted for the best possible appearance.

$5.00 for 1 month

$25.00 for 6 months
(includes 1 printed Springer Tribute page mailed to you)

$45.00 for 12 months
(includes 3 printed Springer Tribute pages mailed to you)


To order send check or money order to:

4016 Canon Avenue 
Oakland, CA 94602-2226

If you have any questions please email me at:


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~ McKenna ~
~ Buddy ~
~ Noel ~
~ Andy ~
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