COMMANDER -- Oakland, CA 

New Updated Photos Below

11-month-old small-ish (40-45#) liver/white tri-colored neutered housebroken active male.  Good with dogs & all ages of kids.  Loves to fetch.  Playful, very fun loving and loyal. 

Owner surrender due to moving to smaller home. In Golden Gate Springer Rescue foster care in Oakland, CA. 

PIX right below of Commander playing with one of Diane's Springer, K.D.

His new "forever" home writes:
We've expanded his name to "Commander Cody" and have been calling him Cody for short.  Although he still doesn't have the hang of coming when called, he seems to be doing better with the shorter name.  We're working on training and he catches on to most things pretty quickly.

Attached are two photos (uploaded above).  He loves being up in the mountains and running in the woods.  Today he had his first visit to Lake Alpine and although it was very chilly, he followed big brother Davey (black&white Springer above) right into the water!  Totally surprised us but I guess we should have expected as much from a Springer.  Although he didn't seem to mind the cold, I'm sure he'll have a much better time swimming next summer.  At least we had the entire lake to ourselves .... 

I'll try to catch a couple more photos this week but in the meantime, everyone says "Hi" and sends best wishes for the holiday! 
~~ Take Care & Thanks, again ~ Nancy

November 21, 2006 UPDATE