Bear "before" at the shelter, just a "number."
now "BEAR" -- Sacramento, CA
ADOPTED to Foster Home

9-year-old liver/white housebroken neutered male.  Very sweet, gentle.  Good with dogs.   Has cherry eye*, which our rescue had surgically repaired.  The foster home donated his teeth cleaning.  Bear is fully healed now & awaiting his forever home. 
Do you know someone who could love this gentle, undemanding, sweet boy?

He was VERY close to being put to sleep by the shelter.  He is now happily in foster care in Sacramento.  Has been groomed (see above) and he looks happy about it! 

The before-and-after pix are INCREDIBLE!:  I don't think they even LOOK like the same dog, do they?  The pix at the shelter below make him look like he can't even stand up and the pix above was taken after his 3-hour beauty session at the grooming shop.

What a beaming smile he has on his face!!!  

*Thank you to all of Bear's Angels! 
We have raised all the money for his surgical treatment.
He had surgery and is recovering very nicely in foster care. 

*Go HERE to learn more about cherry eye.


~Ken & Lorna of San Leandro
~Karen & Don of San Carlos
~Nancy of Clayton

~Kathleen & Richard of Novato
in loving memory of their Springer "James"

~Claudia & John of SF
~Don & Marge of Wilton CA
~ Diana of Lincoln CA
~ Paul & Cheryl of Ukiah

BEAR -- Sacramento, CA
"Frog-dogging" it on the deck.
Bear enjoying his view from the deck.
Bear chillin' on the deck.
Thanks to Sheila, foster mom, for updating our photos for "Bear."
My favorite pix!  What a SMILE!