GORBY -- Oakland CA
4-year-old liver/white neutered sweet, housebroken male. Good with older kids & dogs.  Good watchdog.  Owner surrender due to issues with her tiny dogs.  He loves chasing his Kong or ball.  Needs to lose some weight (he loves his cookies too much!). 

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In GGSR foster care
Contact Diane at email goldengaterescue@sbcglobal.net or cell (510) 908-1140

A big THANK YOU to all who donated to our rescue.  We now co-own a very affordable Flip Video Camera (1st generation actually, not even HD) which has wonderfully easy production & uploading of videos. I know we won't win any Oscars but if you have suggestions on how we can improve our rescue videos, please email us!  (And don't say "have Springer stand still"--This is IMPOSSIBLE!)