PATCH -- Oakland CA
Adopted to Berkeley family!

Patch is a handsome active 3-year-old white/liver  50# male.  He's very good with their kids (7 & 10yo) and their 7-year-old female Lab mix.  Lived with inside cats but he only lived outside; so, cats?

Owner needs to simplify ("too much going on") and, since he's younger, knows Patch is more adoptable than their 7yo dog.  Owner describes Patch as "very sweet, loyal and loving."  He loves to swim in their pool when the cover is off and knows how to find the steps to get out.

April 27:  Arrived in foster care.  Met his housemates:  3 Springers, both male & female and gets along well.  Housebreaking is begun.

April 30:  Probably his first real grooming.  He did pretty good and he looks even more GORGEOUS!  Due to mats from prior neglect, his coat is shorter than it should be.

In GGSR foster care.