UPDATE:  Yep, Finally Marley left yesterday in the front seat of a Corvette no less! He will be staying with the sister of the lady who adopted him.  Just before Thanksgiving, he will head for Cor de' lane, Idaho to his forever home.  I will miss him. His happy personality  never wavered one bit the during the long stay at the shelter. Where some dogs get depressed or worse develop cage rage, he was just a happy go lucky boy.   ~~ Ruth

MARLEY -- Grass Valley, CA

What a sweet face he has!!!  Ruth says he had "dreadlocks" on his ears when she got him.  I'm sure that's how he got his name.  He looks to be an young adult, black/white, with long tail.   

He is friendly, rides well in the car, and is quiet.  He seems good with dogs.  He would probably be best for older children (i.e. not toddlers) who can deal with his "bounciness." 

Ruth even walked him thru the "cat room" at the shelter and he hardly batted an eye when one swatted at him; he just walked away.  We suspect he may be a good choice for cat households. 

For more information on MARLEY, contact Ruth at phone
(530) 273-2958 extension 7# or e-mail ruthrasmussen (at) msn.com