MOLLY -- Oakland CA

6-year-old liver/white housebroken spayed 35-40# female with long tail.  She is healthy, happy and energetic, and gets along with cats.  She came from an owner, who lived locally in Atherton, who had her as a pup.  She was very bonded to & spoiled by the husband, and when he died recently and with 3 other dogs at home, the wife became overwhelmed when she caused discord. 

In foster care since May 20 with supervision, she has behaved cooperatively with other dogs here.  She sleeps in a kennel or loose.  She gets along with visiting dogs and people.  She is a great watchdog. 

If paired with other dogs, we would like her in a home with firm, loving discipline.  As a solo dog, she will be an adorable and easy pet in any home.  She could benefit from obedience classes but this is not a requirement.  She listens well and responds excellently to her humans.  Her favorite thing is to be a companion to her humans.  She also used to groom the owner's cat.  Reportedly also, she loves to swim at the beach. 

Molly AFTER rescue haircut May 2015.....