BUDDY -- Sacramento, CA

5-year-old white/liver active field-bred, very sweet, housebroken neutered male.  Great with kids & dogs. 
Will chase cats.  Loves to fetch endlessly; easy to exercise! 

New pictures June 28th above show Buddy relaxing in his foster home. 
Typical Springer!  ~~  He loves to hangout in the kitchen!

Oh, and did we mention, he LOVES to swim?  With his ball in his mouth........what a sweetie. 
This is a (wet) face to love.  That's his new foster friend, Bear, supervising by the pool below. 
Thanks to foster mom, Sheila, for the wonderful new pictures. 

In GGSR foster care.  Contact Diane at
goldengaterescue (at) sbcglobal.net or (510) 908-1140.