MOLLY Sacramento CA
MOLLY Sacramento CA
MOLLY -- Sacramento CA
Special Needs*

FOLLOWUP:  We are sad to report that due to her many medical issues and the way that impacted her adoptability, the foster home made the decision to put Molly to sleep.  Rest assured she was loved and cared for until the moment she left. 

Had we more homes willing to care for and adopt special needs dogs it is possible Molly would still be with us.  Please consider this if you adopt a dog:  Why not special needs?

7-year-old black/white happy female.  Sweet, cuddly
and easy to fall in love with. 

Sadly, her owners surrendered her to a Sacramento shelter because they couldn't afford her medical care.  *She has "dry eye" which needs daily eyedrops, and diabetes mellitus. This will require once or twice daily insulin injections subcutaneously (very simple to do) and regular blood sugar tests.  In foster care. 


Below see "before" picture of Molly at the shelter
(Warning:  Very sad picture!)