SUMMER -- Fallon, NV

Adult liver/white female Springer or mix, ID# 7010D.  Though this dog/cat rescue describes Summer as a "English Springer Spaniel,Pointer Mix," it is conceivable Summer is just a purebred Springer with a severe haircut.  On perusing the new picture directly above, I now believe this is a part Springer as the coat looks natural not clipped.  I hope she gets also get a "forever" home.  If you're looking for a nice female Springer-like dog, this is it !! 

They say:  Summer and Autumn were found together in the county and taken to the city pound in the hopes that their family would be looking for them. When their family didn't come looking for them, they came to stay with us in the hopes that we would be able to find them forever loving homes. Autumn has found a "forever" home. 

In other rescue's care.

Contact Churchill Animal Protection Society (CAPS) of Fallon, NV
(707) 423-7500 or caps (at)

TOP photos of "Summer."  Note telltale long bits of hair on ends of her ear.  She looks like a neatly clipped purebred Springer in a "summer" cut for warm areas.

PHOTO TO LEFT shows Summer being cuddled, and likely her companion dog "Autumn" (since adopted?) standing in front of her.